Software Available List for Epson Stylus Pro WT7900

Company Product Name Key Features Supported Spot Colors Testimonial Sites Info. by ISVs
AbsoluteProof AbsoluteProof - Mac platform, online suport, low cost / high performance

Success Stories
- EsKo InkWizard
  Pantone Library

Other custom libraries as needed
CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH ORIS
Color Tuner//Web
Web-based contract proofing software Integrated soft proofing and proof certification.

1. Contone/ ScreenDot / ScreenDot Plus.
2. Automatic spot color certification using the SpectroProofer.
3. Advanced spot color certification using the SpectroProofer.
4. Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) embedded.
5. Unique features to handle the white channel.
6. Patented four dimensional color management software
    & iterative profile generation.
- Pantone
- DIC(opt.)
ColorBurst ColorBurst Rip 1. White ink support for the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900.
2. Allows separate foregoround and background White Ink
    element which can independently tinted.
3. Foreground White Ink can knock out vector and image
    elements while overprinting the background White Ink
4. Option for Flood Fill of background White Ink to the bounding
    box of the job (used when no supplied by the job)
5. Option for Auto-Contour of background White Ink to all
    printed objects(used when no supplied by the job)
- Pantone
CromanetCS Cromanet CS CromanetR offers both a "closed loop" color calibration process that can be used to match virtually any proofing or press conditions, as well as a full set of color editing tools for the advanced user.

1. Proprietary Spectral-based calibration and profiling
2. Quick and easy job creation and management.
3. Color and substrate libraries for industry color match
    standards and popular substrates and specialty media.
4. Flexible custom substrate profiling.
- Pantone
  CV, U, M
  Goe lib.
- DIC and
  HKS can be
din.a.x Digitale Bildbearbeitung GmbH Mirage Design Edition
Dinax Mirage
Work faster and more efficiently with the most advanced print solution for AdobeR Illustrator, Photoshop and PDFs. From ready design to mock-up in seconds without any printing experience required!

1. Simple and easy to use
2. Focus on printing
3. Stunningly fast
4. Saves time and media
5. No length limitation
6. Supports all color modes
7. Supports all Epson Film Types for WT
- All

  Use the
Electronics for Imaging Inc. Colorproof XF
EFI Fiery XF
Comprehensive White Ink Support

1. Adjustable white ink density.
2. White tinting, definable in CMYK to match the appearance of
    white on the press.
3. Definable printing order - Selectable white ink printing
4. Opacity simulation for transparent media that is more
    transparent than the original substrate.
5. Support of multiple white channels defined in a print file.
6. Up to two control strips printable with and without white.
- Pantone
FourPees ProofMaster


1. ISO 12647-7 compliant output.
2. Supports Multi Channel input profiles and has full Multi
    Channel support.
3. Fine tunes results through DeviceLink profiles.
4. Native PDF engine inside.
5. Accepts all the main file formats: PS, PDF (X4, X3, X1a), EPS,
    PSD, AI, nCT/nLW, DCS2, TIFF (/IT) and the RAW format
    for digital photography.
6. Advanced handling of spot colors, fully CxF-compatible.
7. Complete control over special inks.(white, Varnish, c)
- Pantone
- Any cus.

GMG GmbH & Co. KG GMG ColorProof
GMG DotProof
GMG FlexoProof
GMGfs contone proofing software ColorProof and the halftone module DotProof XG ensure that the unrivaled quality and repeatability can be produced even for spot colors in flexographic, offset and gravure printing.

1. Simple operation.
2. Extensive and flexible spot color handling.
3. Handling of white ink optimized for packaging proofing.
4. Adobe PDF Print Engine technology for correct PDF handling
    and identical Adobe/GMG results.
5. Fast and reliable remote proofing via job import/export

Case study
- Pantone,
  Pan. Goe
Isi Graphic System Star Proof Actual Dot RIP once proofing system. High accuracy spot color proofing. Flexo, Gravure, Letterpress, Offset and etc. process simulation.

1. Multi Color Shade Estimator
2. Dot Lost
3. Extreme Dot Gain
4. Misregistration
5. Flexo Distortion

For Mac use only
- Pantone
- Custom
  spor color
Eastman Kodak Kodak
Proofing Software
Kodak has the most-effective solution for maximizing your package proofing workflow:

1. The only solution available that supports both Kodak
    Approval NX Digital Color Imaging System and the WT7900
    permitting matched proofs between halftone and
    inkjet systems.
2. Kodak Color technology for superior production of contract
    quality inkjet and halftone proofs.
3. Advanced white ink control permits adjustment of white
    opacity, tint and lay down order providing for more accurate
    final package prediction.
4. High accuracy white and process color calibration ensures
    consistent color results.
5. Flood white option is provided when a white separation is
    not supplied.
6. Accurate spot color handling, including tint control,
     with emulation of flexo highlight characteristics.
7. Integrated color confirmation technology ensures that
    proofs consistently meet standards specifications.
8. Capability to emulate packaging substrates with WT7900
- Pantone
  TOYO and
  other lib.
  can be
- Custom
  spot color
- Custom
  spot tint
Serendipity Software Pty Ltd Blackmagic
1. Full 16-bit engine with ICCv4 and multicolour support.
2. Precision proofing of hi-res bitmap and postscript
    CTP RIPs, PDFs, composite and separated postscript files.
3. Unlimited spot colour import and creation with paint modes,
    tinting and unique dot gain curves.
4. Advanced merging of spot/spot and spot/process colours.
5. Sophisticated printer drivers that produce sharp dot proofs.
6. Print support for all WT7900 paper and film media types.
7. Comprehensive white ink control with multiple white ink
    print modes, auto-fill and tinting.
8. Multiple white plate support.
9. Epson Spectroproofer support.
- Unlimited

Epson works with many third-party RIP companies to help them develop RIP solutions for our printers.

The chart above states the features and functionalities claimed by leading RIP companies in alphabetical order.
These claims are the sole responsibility of each RIP company, and the only warranty for the RIP, if any, is the warranty offered by the RIP company.
The RIPs have not been fully tested by Epson and Epson does not have any responsibility for the information in the chart or for the RIP performance.